Castle Stalker

Castle Stalker - The Classic View
The name 'Stalker' comes from the Gaelic Stalcaire, meaning 'hunter' or 'falconer', and should therefore be pronounced 'stal-ker', with the 'l' sounded, not as in the pronunciation of the English word 'stalker'.

I took this during the last moments of sunlight one afternoon in December. The low angle of the sun illuminated the scene beautifully and I used a longer focal length to help convey a sense of scale and height in the background.

I was standing on the mudflats at the waters edge and quickly realised that I would have to move the tripod to higher ground in order to see the full reflection of the castle in the water.

By the time I have moved the sun had disappeared behind the clouds!

Canon 40D and EF 70-200 f/4L:
f/8 | 109mm | 1/40sec | ISO-100

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