Glencoe Lochan

Glencoe Lochan - The Classic View
This is a beautiful little forest loch near the village of Glencoe with the Pap of Glencoe (or Sgorr na Ciche) providing an impressive scenic backdrop. There are a small number of these little photogenic piers dotted around its banks.

I think their primary purpose is to act as a platform for fishermen and also to allow wheelchair access (the lochan is well stocked with trout from what I gather).

This was taken on a mild December morning before sunrise, conditions were about as unpromising as one could imagine after a few miserable days of drizzle and low cloud.

I composed this scene with a long exposure in mind to flatten the water and to (hopefully) capture a bit of action in the sky. For a brief moment a splash of colour appeared in the clouds as the sun began to rise. The long exposure also revealed an interesting texture on the surface of the loch.

Canon 40D and EF-S 10-22
f/11 | 13mm | 25sec | ISO-100 | Lee 0.9 ND & Lee 0.75 ND Grad (Soft)

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