Linlithgow Palace

Linlithgow Palace - The Classic View
In 1424, the town of Linlithgow was partially destroyed in a great fire. King James I started the rebuilding of the Palace as a grand residence for Scottish royalty. Over the following century the palace developed into a formal courtyard structure, with significant additions by James III and James IV. Mary Queen of Scots was born at the Palace in December 1542 and occasionally stayed there during her reign.

The palace has been actively conserved since the early 19th Century and is today managed and maintained by Historic Scotland. The loch has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its abundant wildfowl population.

The image was taken in the summer months shortly before sunset. I set up on the far side of the loch and the low angle of the sun revealed the golden stonework of the palace to great effect. A bank of low clouds formed in the distance and they began to turn pink directly behind the palace - a stroke of good fortune which enhanced my feelings towards the image. A ND filter was used to help flatten the water.

A larger panoramic version can be seen by clicking HERE.

Canon 40D and Tamron 28-75:
f/8 | 65mm | 0.5sec | ISO-100 | Lee ProGlass 0.9 ND & Lee 0.6 ND Grad (Soft)

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