Luskentyre Channel

Luskentyre Channel - The Outer Hebrides
February 2014

Having surveyed the area from the very top of the Luskentyre dunes I made the decision for the second consecutive visit to descend the 100 odd feet to the beach as I had spotted a number of interesting channels present in the sand revealed by the retreating tide.

Without a single soul in sight, yet the calming faint smell of a peat fire in the distance, this was a tranquil experience to remember. I opted for a simple composition to make the most of this little channel leading to the distant hills. The emergence of the narrow diagonal cloud pattern above the hills was a lucky break, as I feel the angle seems to complement the shapes in the foreground.

Canon 5D Mark II and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L Mark II:
f/11 | 24mm | 1sec | ISO-100 | Lee 0.6 ND Grad (Hard) and Lee 0.9 ProGlass ND