Neist Point

Neist Point - The Classic View
The first time I visited this location I was taking shots in gale force winds on the cliff edge in poor light.

The second time I visited, I had driven for around an hour and when I arrived I felt that the conditions were looking promising for a stunning sunset. As I moved to grab my gear from the boot I realised that I had forgotten all of my kit!

Third visit, didn't catch any decent light.

Fourth visit, slight improvement but nothing overly decent.

Fifth attempt, did a u-turn en route as the weather conditions really deteriorated before I arrived at the location.

Sixth time (this image) finally managed to capture the golden light on the cliff but I'll be back again next year hoping for a slightly more interesting sky.

I composed the scene to include the grasses and rocks on the cliff edge to (hopefully) help convey a sense of depth.

Canon 40D and 17-40L:
f/14 | 22mm | 1/6sec | ISO-100 | Lee 0.6 ND Grad (Hard)

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