Seilbost Curve

Seilbost Curve - The Outer Hebrides
February 2010

An eventful afternoon in the Hebrides with the usual mix of strong winds, hail storms, sleet and strong sunshine! I wandered around the dunes at Seilbost and I looked at capturing a strong 'S' shape in this image using both the shoreline and the clusters of marram grasses blowing in the wind.

A CPL filter was used to lengthen the exposure time of the image, and capture the motion of the grasses. Through the gloom in the distance you can just about make out the mountains, the CPL helped cut through the haze to reveal a little detail in the distance.

Canon 5D Mark II and TS-E 45mm f/2.8
f/11 | 45mm | 1/13sec | ISO-100 | Lee 0.6 ND Grad (Soft) and Heliopan 105mm Slim CPL