Talisker Bay Sunset

Talisker Bay Sunset - The Classic View
When the tide is coming in during a swell, Talisker Bay is a natural cauldron of sheer power and noise on a very impressive scale.

The bay offers a variety of photogenic opportunities depending on the conditions. At low tide a grey sandy shore reveals itself presenting many options for foreground details.

I took this shot during the calm after a storm shortly after the high tide began to recede. I was instantly drawn to the highlights on the glistening black rocks and I knew An Stac in the background would form a silhouette when I applied my grad.

The sunset itself wasn't spectacular, but I was pleased with the colours on display as the sun moved behind the clouds.

Canon 40D and 17-40L:
f/11 | 25mm | 0.4sec | ISO-100 | Lee 0.6 ND Grad (Hard)

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